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a Message from CEO

Dear all, hello!

We established IDMC in 1996 to provide management consulting services with a vision to seek, develop, and nurture innovation and state-of-the-art global systems and practices among current and future leaders and practitioners. During the last fifteen years our capabilities and potentials have matured and we have now become well known in management consulting in Palestine and the region. We opened branches in the UAE, with strategic partnerships in Qatar, Jordan and Canada.

Our mission is to provide and guide creative management solutions to our clients in the government, public, and private sectors through fostering knowledge and orchestrating world-wide partnerships. We make use of latest technologies and developments, research and management techniques, all combined with coaching and training of human resources. Our key commitment is to assist our clients in the best ways that are most important to them and help establish sustainable and flourishing businesses. WE design, prepare, and deliver services through a value system founded on independence, transparency, fair competition, clarity, responsibility, and integrity.

With this vision and mission, we introduced new management standards and best practices to the Palestinian market. For example - in recent years only – we brought in and used food safety standard ISO22000 in 2005, the Islamic food standard 'HALAL’ in 2008, the European Excellence Model (EFQM) in 2010, and the Risk Management ISO31000 in 2011.

We worked to deliver the message of "quality and excellence" to all sectors and because of the growing appreciation of our customers we expanded our services to cover new service areas such as leadership, innovation, and strategic planning. We proudly succeeded in ensuring satisfied and delighted customers.

Absolutely, the improvement in our customers’ performance is the indicator of our success. We have worked with hundreds of clients locally and regionally; services and manufacturing, ministries, municipalities, trade unions, professional associations, civil society, and international donor institutions, and consistently, our efforts have been highly recognized and appreciated as shown by the feedback we receive from clients. The benefits achieved to clients include reduction in wasted time and waste of raw materials, increased use of electronic information systems, improved performance of manpower, increased sale volumes, and reduced costs.

Nevertheless, continuous improvement is our philosophy, and as our customers delve into new horizons and higher levels of performance, we too seek to continuously transform our business to respond changing factors. In high spirit, we welcome all feedback, comments and critics from our customers and friends because we believe that this is a correct way to move forward in a learning journey.

Amjed Ghanim

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